Six hands holding wine glasses, about to "cheers"

We’ve formed!

Last night we became an official co-op that can take members (we are 16 strong tonight!).

Room of people sitting around a large table

Come join us as a foundation member!

Full Membership$40 per year
Concession/Strapped/Under 18$20 per year

Outside investors/speculators/multi-nationals extracting profit from our communities through real estate, driving prices up and low-income residents, service workers, local enterprises and our wealth out.

Our Co-operative will give local people a way to collectively purchase profitable local properties, providing a return on investment, but taking them out of the speculative real estate market for good.

We aim to keep wealth locally to:

  • Tackle economic inequality and profit extraction, and
  • Ensure our community assets support things we value, for example, locally owned services, fair access to housing, and action on the climate crisis.

A glass of member Welshmans Reef Vineyard wine in funder Community Bank Maldon & District wineglasses to celebrate our foundation …priceless!

A Maldon Community Bank Branch glass