Castlemaine Institute. For auspicing the co-op – lending us their space for meetings, their bank account for the safekeeping of grants and donations and letting everyone know we are legit.
Maldon and District Community Bank & MDFSL. For banking with a community heart and soul. 
The Community Bank – Maldon and District provided us with community partnership funding. The grant is being used to prepare the co-op’s first investment offer and obtain professional advice.
Greengraphics. For great web advice and helping us set up our membership sign up page.
Kinyei. For walking the talk and enabling us to collaborate for change. Kinyei hosted a shared folder for us so we can work together on the many things we’ve read and written. Thank you Maria, for taking time out to help family and create the Co-op logo
Northern Arts Hotel. For providing us (and numerous other community groups) with a warm and welcoming meeting space.
ONI STREET WEAR. For being the best independent street wear in town, and setting up our t-shirt fundraiser to help get the co-op up and running.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the like-minded and community involved people who have helped us out during our start-up phase. It takes a community.