Group of people in the Castlemaine Town Hall, seated and listening to a speaker

Next steps

Support is steadily building after last month’s Town Hall Meeting and Expression of Interest process. Nearly fifty local residents are already keen to become founding members of the Castlemaine Community Co-operative. Raising enough money to purchase the Hub may be within our collective grasp!

It’s clear that many people wish to support the project but need to see complete details first. With that in mind, we’re under way with the next steps of filling out the business case for both the Co-operative and the Hub (from both a financial and community perspective), writing a prospectus, and determining the exact structure that the Co-operative will take.

We hope to share more information soon, both on this website and at another public meeting to be announced soon. If you’d like to keep in touch then please fill out the Expression of Interest form to join our email list.